A note of appreciation to our clients.

I highly recommend Advanced BioRecovery Solution! Anil and his crew did a wonderful, thorough and extremely professional job in cleaning out a horrific hoarding situation in my late brother’s home. Anil was very considerate and helpful throughout the project. I live out of state and he sent photos showing the great progress that was made each day. The crew did painstaking work in harsh conditions each day and managed to clear out the home in a very timely fashion. Anil went above and beyond in his communications with me and was very kind throughout the process. As situations came up throughout the project, Anil went out of his way to help me with solutions. I can’t recommend ABS enough!

Going through the experience of losing someone is tough enough but coping with the loss of a loved one and navigating the most difficult task of dealing with a biohazard event associated with this loss is more than anyone can even imagine. It is tough enough but a situation such as this takes you into a new realm of reality I hope many never need to know about. If they do I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ABS! My safety and compliance officer, Anil Lartius, was not only by my side helping me through each and every unknown, scary step, he also became a friend through the process. Truly I would not have made it through without Anil and ABS. To further complicate things not only was this entire event very difficult but the insurance company we were dealing with was not very reputable and they fought the 40-page claim forms submitted with full photo coverage and every “T” crossed and “I” dotted. As you can imagine this was an awful experience. It was exasperated by a year and a half long litigation that ABS never relented on and I am pleased to tell you the claim was settled in full due to ABS’s due diligence and the excellent job done by Anil and team. Forever grateful to Anil and the ABS team.

I found Advanced Biorecovery Solutions through the Florida Department of Health in September 2017. I live in TN and had an aunt who lived in West Palm Beach. Before Hurricane Irma came to town, I tried calling my Aunt to get her to come up here out of the path of the storm. Unfortunately, it was discovered she had passed away in her home. Because she lived alone, her death was a “late discovery”. I contacted Anil the day it was discovered that my Aunt had passed away. He was very helpful and professional on the telephone and in emails. Because of the hurricane, we had to wait another week before coming to Florida. We arrived on Sunday. Anil met us at the house to conduct the inspection. He told us that there may be coverage in the home owner’s insurance policy for a late discovery. I never would have thought of that. ABS submitted the claim and all the required supporting documentation. ABS met with the adjuster and examiner, answering all of their technical questions. The claim was paid in full. My husband and I did not have to lift a finger. ABS handled everything start to finish. I had not been able to locate my Aunt’s wedding rings. No one could find them and I asked Anil if he could look for them while cleaning the house. The team found the rings and placed them on her dresser for us. He and his crew did a wonderful job. They were professional, courteous, honest and most of all compassionate during a difficult time. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to this business.

Thank you for the excellent job you did by restoring my property after the tragic loss of my tenant. The professionalism of your team gave me peace of mind during the storm. Thank you for a job well done. God Bless.

~Be the change you want to see in the world.

In April (2016) I needed to quickly find a competent, professional, and trustworthy BioRecovery Clean-up Team. I found ABS on the Florida Department of Health website. I called and arranged to speak to and meet Anil at the clean-up site. I was immediately impressed when I saw the ABS vehicle and the professional attire that Anil was wearing. Anil’s knowledge was noted. He explained everything in a way that was understandable to me. He was gracious and very kind. I knew that Anil and his team would be the “Right Team” for me. The team did an excellent job at the site. ABS would be a company that you should use. The company has my highest recommendation.

We found Advanced BioRecovery Solutions on the internet. Anil and his crew came right out, and they certainly fulfilled the ABS motto of being Professional, Thorough and Discrete. They offered assistance through the process of submitting the insurance claim. To ABS’ credit, our claim was paid in full. ABS exceeded our expectations by working very late hours as well as being quite personable and empathetic in our family’s time of need. We greatly appreciate Anil and the ABS crew for their high-quality service. With 100% confidence, we would recommend Advanced BioRecovery Solutions to anyone in need of biorecovery services.

I highly recommend ABS if you ever need such a service. I own a rental property where a tenant lost his life to suicide and wasn’t discovered for almost a week. To add to an already stressful situation, I was away at the time, traveling by car, 1,500 miles away. I was in unchartered territory and didn’t even know how to begin dealing with the situation. I reached out to a few companies that handled this sort of thing and was very fortunate to get a call back from “Anil” from ABS. He walked me through what needed to be done, step by step. ABS staff dealt with all the police and insurance issues, keeping me up to date day by day (and even hour by hour) of the ongoing operations involving the actual cleanup. There are technical, environmental, and legal issues that you can’t even imagine exist until you are confronted with this sort of thing. You can be confident ABS has your back with all that. All this while also being considerate of the surrounding neighborhood where the incident occurred.  The expertise and professionalism provided by ABS kept me calm and confident during a very difficult time.

We were so pleased with ABS’ services. Exhausted from a lengthy flight, and grieving, I called the company at 2 AM on a Sunday. The very kind and understanding gentleman on the other end of the phone assured me they would have a team at my father’s home in an hour. The cleaners were at my door in less than an hour, with dinner in hand. I had casually mentioned on the phone that I did not have time to eat. I was so moved by the gesture. Everyone was professional and respectful, accommodating our family’s needs. In my time of despair, I had instructed the company to throw everything away. As the technicians worked they came across two collectables that they believed were of significant value. The manager notified me right away. I discovered later these items were worth several thousand dollars. It was so refreshing to see such honesty, to have someone looking after my best interests. The attention to detail was amazing. ABS’ compassionate and caring employees made an emotionally difficult experience bearable.

ABS cleaned one of our condos after a beloved renter passed away. A full-service company, I literally did not have to do a thing. They filed the claim, provided all the documentation to the insurance company and met with the adjuster. They called me once a week, giving updates as the claim processed. When I had problems with the insurance company, ABS advocated on my behalf to promptly resolve the matter. I was very concerned about the anxiety this might create for my other renters. ABS accommodated me, working late at night after most of my tenants retired for the evening. The tenant’s relatives arrived just before ABS began work. The team was very kind and accommodating. They kept the family safe and out of harm’s way, disinfecting personal items and passing those things to the family members. ABS setup a small area for the family to work comfortably far from the apartment, ensuring they were kept safe and would not see anything that could be upsetting. When they were finished, you would never have known such a terrible thing happened in the condo. The entire condo was spotless and odor free. Testing was conducted to ensure the apartment was safe. I just cannot imagine all the terrible things these people must see. Yet, they hold kindness in their hearts that helped me through a very difficult time. Thank God for this company and the work they do.