Crime Scene

Advanced BioRecovery Solutions certified bio recovery technicians proudly serve Florida business, residential and industrial clients state-wide. We specialize in crime and trauma scene clean up.

Crime scene clean up is not limited to the biohazards commonly associated with crime scenes such as blood, bodily fluids, bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. Crime scenes may also require non-biohazard clean up and restoration as well.

Law enforcement officers may leave behind fingerprint powder, blood detecting chemicals including Amido Black, Coomassie Blue, Crowle’s stain, Hungarian Red, Leuco Crystal Violet and Luminol. Some crimes scenes may not contain blood at all, but may pose serious threat to humans.

Advanced BioRecovery Solutions can decontaminate a site where tear gas was used by law enforcement. In addition, other non-biohazards requiring clean up can include broken glass, needles and syringes, and bullet holes.