An open letter from our CEO

To our valued clients and our future customers.

Advanced BioRecovery


Client Care, Integrity, Excellence and Accountability

These cornerstones define our company and direct our day-to-day operations. They are the values embraced by ABS employees, management and owners, the foundation on which we build our business, and the touchstones for the quality we strive to provide.

It is ABS’s mission, through these cornerstones, to help provide a safe environment and healthy community.

The unexpected loss or injury of a family member, a friend, or a co-worker often accompanies emotional hardship, turmoil, sorrow, and a sense of vulnerability. We understand the integral role our bio recovery services play in healing, bereavement and closure processes.

Our compassionate and understanding team members recognize and value this role, always sensitive to the needs of our clients when conducting their duties. ABS remediation services are administered in a professional, dignified and respectful manner.

We distinguish ourselves from other biohazard companies in that you will never see graphic images posted to our social media and web sites depicting our customer hardships. Nor will you find posts detailing our bio recovery cleanups, some of which can only be described as heart-breaking.

Protecting our clients’ privacy is paramount, to be matched by our compassion and concern for our customers. We employ stringent measures to safeguard our clients’ privacy and will continue to do so.

My promise to you, our commitment to service excellence is, and will remain ABS’s priority. We are humbled and honored each and every time a client places their trust in us and selects ABS.


Charity Lartius